9 Best Bed Risers of 2022 — The Best Bed and Furniture Risers for More Storage

2022-12-23 20:36:04 By : Ms. Olivia Hua

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9 Best Bed Risers of 2022 — The Best Bed and Furniture Risers for More Storage

If you’re living in a dorm room or a tiny apartment (or you just have a lot of shit!), you know that under-bed storage is an absolutely crucial part of keeping your room somewhat organized. I mean, where else can you hide a mess of bulky sweaters and hoodies without your roommates or house guests noticing? Not all bed frames account for this though, which is why bed risers are so very necessary.

Bed risers will add several inches of height to accommodate all of your storage bins and baskets, plus they make it easier to climb in and out of bed. They can also be used on living room accent chairs, small sofas, couches, and other furniture around the house to give 'em some height!

If this sounds like a dream but you have no idea what to look for or where to start, keep scrolling for our comprehensive list of the nine best bed risers to buy in 2022. Whether you're looking for plastic furniture risers, high-quality wooden bed risers, plastic ones that look like wood, risers for beds with wheels, or even bed risers with power outlets, we've got ya covered. The premium bed risers on this list feature rubber bottoms to prevent sliding and foam padding to prevent scuffs and scratches, plus they can hold thousands of pounds so you never have to worry about them cracking or collapsing. You're welcome!

Of course, the big bonus on these babies is that they have a built-in power outlet and two USB ports. But they've also got a metal insert that decreases pressure points to prevent wear and tear as well as collapses when placed under heavy furniture.

THE REVIEWS: "We moved one of our kids into college a few weeks ago and used these bed risers. It was perfect," writes one reviewer. "Since the dorm had only two outlet locations these bed risers came in handy. Not only the outlets but getting an extra 8 inches in height was perfect. Because of the storage that went under the bed, we needed the 8” that these risers gave us. The bed was very sturdy as well. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend!"

Ideal for any surface—carpet, rugs, hardwood, you name it!—these three-inch furniture and bed risers feature foam stop blocks to accommodate wheels, as well as a rubber-coated metal plate to prevent cracks and limit movement.

THE REVIEWS: "They work great! They are super sturdy, and I like that they come with non-slip pads," one reviewer writes. "We have carpet but will be replacing it with laminate at some point, so that is handy for sure. It's just the right amount of lift for our bed, and they're way more affordable than a lot of options out there. Would definitely recommend."

The wood-like design looks more sophisticated than traditional bed risers, plus they've got a foam pad on top to prevent rolling and a rubber pad on the bottom to prevent slips. These durable risers are also available in faux redwood, dark brown wood, and walnut finishes, as well as black, white, and brown plastic finishes.

THE REVIEWS: "How did I not know these existed? And they came in the same wood color finish as my desk. BAM! Aesthetically pleasing to the eye because they blend in," one reviewer writes. "Functionally, I can now enjoy sitting at my desk at the appropriate chair height. I have comfortable clearance for my knees and proper ergonomic leveling for my keyboard and mouse. I am a very happy consumer and highly recommend this product to others."

If you're not exactly sure what type of risers you need (or what dimensions you should look for) add these versatile ones to your cart. They can be adjusted to three different heights: three inches, five inches, or eight inches when combined. Note that each order comes with eight risers (four small ones and four big ones).

THE REVIEWS: "What a great idea to include 3-inch and 5-inch risers that can stack to give you 8 inches, or even be used on two different beds at 3 inches or 5 inches," writes one reviewer. "'Easy to install' only got 4 stars because my sister and I kind of looked like Lucy and Ethel trying to get the bed up on the 8-inch risers! Part of that issue was the bed frame/headboard situation specific to my bed. You shouldn't have that big a problem. I do think you'd need 2 people if you're using them stacked to the 8-inch height. I can store so much under the bed now! I'm using a queen comforter on a twin bed so it falls nicely to the floor/ covers the storage totes."

An ideal match for a bedframe with wheels (or really, any other piece of furniture with wheels!), these heavy-duty risers feature a deep, V-shaped groove to stop whatever’s on top of them from sliding around. They’ve also got a durable rubber bottom to protect floors and can be stacked to achieve several inches of extra height.

THE REVIEWS: "So nice to find exactly the kind and size of bed risers needed. Easy to install and my bed legs with wheels fit perfectly," one reviewer writes.

Perhaps you signed a short lease, or you’ll only be in your dorm room for a year. In that case, you’ll need a simple and reliable solution like these bed risers. Although they only come in one size and can only hold up to 300 pounds, reviewers love the outlet feature and say they’re extremely durable. Not to mention the fact that white bed risers are surprisingly hard to find.

THE REVIEWS: "Worth it! Durable risers! Love the color (using them behind a white bed skirt). Nice that my daughter won’t have to move the bed around to access the outlet behind her bed," writes one reviewer.

If you have ~expensive taste~ (no shame!), perhaps these solid wood risers tickle your fancy. I mean, how gorgeous is the Maplewood finish?

MY REVIEW: Risers are absolutely necessary if you need more space under your bed, but they're definitely not the most aesthetically-pleasing storage solution ... or so I thought until I saw these wooden ones! If you need risers but hate the look of traditional plastic ones, add these to your cart.

Crafted from durable and stylish eucalyptus wood (instead of plastic!), these eco-friendly risers can be custom-made to the height of your liking. Whether you need 3 centimeters of extra space under your bed or 20, the BuddyCabin Etsy shop has ya covered.

9 Best Bed Risers of 2022 — The Best Bed and Furniture Risers for More Storage

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